IMG ATTACHMENTS is a relatively young company, founded in December 2000 by Mario Imi.

The young Mario started working in the mechanical industry at a very early age and after his apprenticeship as a worker (while attending night school), then as a draughtsman and later, a designer, he laid the foundation for his future with various successful collaborations, until he decision to create the kind of company he wanted to see.

In twenty years in business, IMG has experienced steady growth in both the domestic and international marketplace, able to respond to the increasingly rapid changes in the various markets.


Now the company is run by Mario’s children, Manuela, Paolo e Dario and son-in-law Alessandro Traina (Mario is honorary president).

Our goal is not just to sell the product to the customer, but to make sure that they benefit from using it.

To achieve this aim, together with our employees, we have embarked on a path of growth and lean production training, so as to make the production process as smooth as possible, eliminating waste when it comes to time and resources.

In our move towards Industry 4.0, we have steadily invested in new production and information technology over the years, and thanks to the new operating area of around 750 square metres inaugurated at the beginning of 2020, we have separated production from assembly and warehousing, making the working environment more appropriate and comfortable according to the task.